Wings of Hope 2017 Jewelry Collection

The 2017 Wings of Hope Jewelry Collection features three talented female Canadian designers. Each artist has produced a beautiful line that represents the courageous and resilient spirit of the west; the same spirit that embodies those we help.  

Kat Cadegan

Kat is a master silversmith based out of Revelstoke, B.C. Kat’s work focuses on handmade pieces based on nature while skillfully creating varying textures. Kat applied to be a 2017 artist for Wings of Hope in honour of her aunt who passed away from breast cancer. Kat’s Wings of Hope collection is based on the Alberta landscape. Pulling inspiration from the Alberta wild rose, willow, and native grasses; these pieces have captured the Wild West spirit.  

Orange Avocado by Sandra Paetsch

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Sandra is a master silversmith. Specially designed for Wings of Hope, Sandra’s Changing Leaves collection was motivated by the seasonal landscape and beautiful forests of Alberta. From spring to summer, from fall to winter, the leaves change. This represents growth, life, and change. Starting as a bud, transforming to a leaf, each stage is magnificent. This collection is made of bronze, sterling silver, and druzy quartz.

Wysh Collective by Kristina Regehr

Wysh Collective is a blend of modern and timeless pieces. Married to former Calgary Flame Robyn Regher, Kristina began Wysh to start a new life after hockey allowing her to be home with her children. Evident in her designs, Kristina’s love of raw natural elements, stones and metals stem from her geologist grandfather. Her Wings of Hope collection aims to showcase Alberta’s association with the wild rose, new beginnings, and artic water by using rose solar and teal quartz.